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Free whitepaperThe comprehensive guide to restaurant labour optimisation

One of the greatest challenges restaurant operators face is efficient labour management. You can’t run a restaurant without staff and labour costs represent the bulk of your expenses.

There is only so much you can do to lower food costs before you start compromising quality. However, with a smart labour optimisation strategy you will be able to cut costs while keeping your employees, customers as well as your investors happy. Many operators consider that optimising labour is solely about stripping back the team you have on the floor, but this is a simplified view of a complex challenge. There are lots of opportunities to maximise productivity while minimising the impact, whether it be better team cross-training, better facility utilisation or implementing technology solutions. In this whitepaper, we share with you how some of the best in hospitality approach this challenging task.


In this whitepaper we'll share top tips how to reduce your labour cost with with the following strategies: 

  • Controlling employee turnover rate
  • Smarter scheduling using data
  • Optimise menu and opening hours based on demand
  • Use of customer-facing technology to cut labour cost
  • Optimising the amount of people needed on the floor 
  • Best practise examples from industry-leading brands


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