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Shine People & Culture Summit London 2024

Our 3rd annual Shine People & Culture Summit was held in the impressive Soho Curzon Cinema, London, on 16th May 2024. Not only was there valuable insight from industry leaders through panels and keynotes, but also innovative presentations and projections into the future of hospitality. This included but wasn’t limited to sustainability, continuous learning and artificial intelligence

Panel: Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning and Innovation
Hosted by Leo Espouy
Keynote: 86 The Silence – The Story of So Let’s Talk and Our Learnings Along the Way
Hosted by Paddy Howley
Interview: Sustainable Hospitality – Balancing Profit and Planet
Hosted by Harry Benett
Panel: Create an Inspiring and High-Performance Team
Hosted by Jonny Balance
Presentation: Springboard & Mapal – Supporting Employability for Hospitality
Hosted by Kelly Johnstone & Ted Blackwell
Panel/Keynote: Practical AI Applications Emerging in Hospitality
Hosted by Elly Johnston
Keynote: People First, Customers Second
Hosted by JJ Goodman

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