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Product Owner Sergio Hidalgo

What attracted you to working for Flow Hospitality and the Mapal group?

It’s exciting to be joining the company at a time of change so it’s great to be part of the journey as they grow and combine the 3 companies, Mapal, Flow and Cloud Reputation. I’ve worked for large companies before and it’s nice to be a part of a smaller organisation where you are closer to the marketing teams, closer to the business intelligence teams and there is less bureaucracy and more of a focus on what we can do to create the best product for our clients. 
I’m also excited to work with products that are using artificial and business intelligence, as I think that all forward-thinking companies are embracing AI. Lastly, I was really impressed by the group’s client list and am excited to work with such amazing companies. 


Tell us about your role as a product Owner – what does your role entail?

Exactly. We also look at competitor analysis and research, looking at the data to see how our product should evolve or what functionality would be desirable. So for me in my first months there is a lot of research to be done into our products and the hospitality industry as a whole!!


What are you most excited to start working on?

I agree. For me it’s all about UX and making sure the products are easy to use and our clients will be happy using them. I also want to make sure everything is as integrated as possible. I have loved seeing the steps we are taking to so that the data from each product can be used to make each hospitality company using them as efficient and in control as possible. 
Ideally we don’t want operators to have to log in to five different tools and adding employees to five different platforms, and learning how to use 5 different management systems, so the fact that the mapal group now encompasses an end to end solution where the back end of the system will have the same user experience whether you are logging in to see your workforce management, holiday allocation, training, or restaurant reviews is going to be extremely important.