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What issues are you facing right now? "How to improve menu engineering to maintain profitability"

My top priority is “Improve business performance through menu engineering”

Why is menu engineering important to control food costs?

Managing and standardising menus is often a major challenge for multi-site restaurant businesses. There are many stages involved in the process including purchasing, tracking demand, developing menus, and compliance with food, health, and safety standards, to name a few. 

The key to optimum productivity and being able to control food costs during this process is to simplify these operations, so they become more efficient. So, standardising menus across all sites is essential, and this means streamlining all the processes it entails to protect your profit margins, and boost you business performance

Optimising your menu engineering process will also guarantee your customers receive the same food service regardless of which store they visit, helping to preserve your brand reputation. 

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