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Support policy

Help Centre

1.1. Contact information

Users can contact MAPAL customer support in the following ways:

1.2. Traditional service model

We offer support services to active and authorised users of our software. 


1.3. Tiered response

The customer support team consists of three tiers as described below:

  • (a) Tier I
    This tier handles most inbound chat, emails, and help centre cases. Tier I customer support specialists are trained to handle general user inquiries, basic troubleshooting of products and integrations, as well as track and manage incidents. 
  • (b) Tier II
    This tier handles more complex features of the products using advanced troubleshooting techniques and increased incident managing responsibilities including problem management.  
  • (c) Tier III
    This tier is the technical operations team who resolve all matters within the infrastructure, database, or software code base.


Escalation Path

2.1 The escalation process for any problem with the operation of the Software is as follows: 

Tier I —> Tier II —> Tier III —> Director Customer Support —> Chief Technology Officer 


2.2 The escalation process for any problem with Support services is as follows:

Tier I —>Customer Success Manager—> Director Customer Support —> Chief Customer Officer