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Onboarding ConsultantAneeqa Yusaf

Tell us a little about your background

I studied business and accounting although I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue that when I left university. So, I took a job in high-end retail and management which was great, as I learned so much. It was mainly fashion and womenswear, and the discounts were great!

Tell us about your role at MAPAL with Flow Learning

Well, I started in the support department in September 2019, just before Flow joined with MAPAL Group. I worked there for two years, and then moved over to the customer success department. I’m now on my third role in the company as I recently moved to the onboarding team. In the onboarding department, I deal more with project management now and I love that, I’m learning a lot as I didn’t have so much involvement with the product in my previous roles. Having said that, my previous roles have given me an excellent background for onboarding as I know where customers’ frustrations come from which helps me communicate more efficiently with them and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

What types of customer project do you love the most?

It’s great when you have a super-enthusiastic customer who’s really motivated to start using the platform. It makes my job so much easier. I particularly like projects where we build the platform from the beginning. Then again, I’ve recently been working with smaller projects where I’ve ben training the customer to use absolutely everything, and that’s very rewarding too.

 Is there anyone in particular that’s helped you along the way?

Oh yes, lots of people. My first manager in support was Jimmy Grace and he was brilliant. It was a big change coming from retail into an office environment, but he and the whole team made me so welcome and fun. Then when I joined customer success, Aine Roach Jones was a massive help. She’s so passionate about the industry, so much to give and share. Now that I’m in onboarding, Sally Jones is my manager and she’s a great mentor. So, in general, all of my managers at MAPAL have been brilliant and they all want to help people grow and succeed.

What excites you most about the future of hospitality technology?

It’s an exciting sector to be in right now. Things are changing fast, and hospitality is a part of everyone’s lives. Technology improves our lives, making things easier and better. And for me personally, I love hospitality and food so combining the two things with technology, it’s where I want to be!