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Head of Customer Success LATAMAlexa Salame

Tell us a little about your background

I always dreamt of opening my own restaurant, so I decided to study restaurant management at Anahuac University and Le Cordon Bleu group. I didn’t have the capital to open my own restaurant, so I decided to set up a business helping others to do so. My clients had the capital, but not the experience, so they approached me to help with their marketing and branding strategies, equipment, team planning and hiring, menus, etc, right up to opening day. I then worked for a North American company who offered me a position to open up new markets in Latin America, which was a challenge and a great experience. Shortly after, several factors forced me to consider my options: the pandemic hit and by then I was pregnant with twins!

So how did you join MAPAL?

By the time my two little boys were four months old, I was already keen to get back to work. I saw that MAPAL were looking for someone in Latin America and I was really interested in working with such a complete suite of back-office solutions created specifically for the sector. The company also has an impressive portfolio of multinational clients, and I was really excited about this opportunity for development and growth. That was about a year ago, and I was a little nervous about how difficult it would be: to look after two babies while accepting such a challenge.

Has anyone in particular helped you along the way?

In MAPAL, everyone has made me feel welcome and wants to help me develop the market, and also to help me develop professionally. And considering the distance and time difference between Spain and Mexico, I have always felt like a part of the team. Sergio Álvarez and his customer success team in Spain have been particularly amazing.

Outside of MAPAL, I have to say that my husband has been one of my biggest supporters. We didn’t know what to expect when we learned we were having twins, and you have no idea what’s really in store when you’re pregnant. Even so, he has always made me feel that anything is possible, that there are no limits and he’s always there to advise me and encourage me to aim high. We both work hard and share our responsibilities with the twins, and we want them to grow up looking up to us as role models, people they can aspire to. I’m Mexican and Jewish and I’m so happy to be part of MAPAL, it’s such a flexible and inclusive company. They’ve been fantastic and returning to work with four-month-old twins really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be.

What excited you most about the future of hospitality technology?

The pandemic has forced the sector to evolve at breakneck speed, and technology has to be the main concern for restaurants now. So, I’m excited to be part of an organisation that can make their lives easier, offer them solutions to improve efficiency whether in workforce planning, training, customer satisfaction, etc, to help them equip themselves for the future.