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We’ve had a busy year here at MAPAL Group and there have been a lot of exciting new developments. And this has brought us closer to our mission to improve the performance of your hospitality brand and your people’s potential, through intuitive technology solutions.

MAPAL technology is currently deployed in tens of thousands of sites in 54 countries. Our vision is to become the leading global hospitality solution to provide you with game-changing innovation to streamline and automate your processes.

We’re excited to be able to achieve this with the backing of Providence Strategic Alliance, who share our vision to expand and offer best-in-class hospitality solutions to new international markets.

Join James Hacon, our Chief Marketing Officer, for a quick overview of where MAPAL is today, where we’re heading, and discover the broader range of solutions we now have to offer.

Date: Wednesday, 4 August at 11.30h (UK)

Host: James Hacon, Chief Marketing Officer at MAPAL Group


Join us if you’d like to learn about:
  • What MAPAL has been up to over the last year.
  • How our product suite has expanded and now includes team management, learning and development, operations checklists, inventory, online reputation management, business analytics and facilities management, among others.
  • More exciting plans for the near future.
  • Q&A: you ask, we answer.

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