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Combatting hospitality cost inflation

Still reeling from the global pandemic, the UK hospitality sector must now rise to a whole new host of challenges. Inflation of food costs and energy price rises have hit hard, and the rise in labour costs is straining some operators to breaking point. 

Our panel of industry experts discuss how hospitality operators can battle rising costs, from streamlining staff rotas and opening times to optimising your menu and negotiating better supplier prices. Join our free webinar to learn how your business can safeguard profits in a challenging economic environment. 


  • Host: Elly Johnston, Enterprise Sales Director, MAPAL Group
  • Campbell Askwith, Founder and Director, Food Partners
  • Peder Lindencrona, Co-founder of Compliance, MAPAL Group 
  • Carlos Gamallo, Chief Operating Officer, MAPAL Group


  1. 29 April 2022 at 2PM (UK)

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