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Data Labs

Data Labs

Data Labs is a centre of excellence for data innovation within the hospitality sector. As the consulting division of MAPAL Group, we combine leading hospitality industry experts with data scientists and analysts to drive revolutionary results for our clients. We specialise in data science, smart analytics, advanced data modelling and simulation technology.  

We work with the biggest and best brands to help them make better decisions and operate more efficiently. With Data Labs, we’ll help you join up the dots and generate commercially valuable insights from your data. 


Digital Twin

Digital Twin is an advanced simulation tool that enables you to replicate real restaurants and execute different processes and scenarios in accelerated reality. As a result, you can make better decisions based on rigorously stressed data modelling, reducing risk and foreseeing failures in a virtual environment, before you implement them in the real world.

Use Cases
Define optimum labour deployment models and productivity tables, ensuring optimal service delivery and cost.
Store and Experience Design:
Restaurant and equipment dimensioning to maximise efficiencies and optimise customer experience.
Daily and contingency plans:
Analyse historical data to recognise gaps and opportunities in trading and operations.
Product Mix:
Analyse effects and consequences of a specific product mix in the production lines.
Success story

KFC Spain reduced labour cost by 2.65% with the help of MAPAL Workforce

"Mapal have been an incredible partner to KFC in Spain over the past 8 years, as a software provider, but more importantly as a true partner for growth. We have worked together to devise multiple techniques that have taken the power of their workforce management tool and enhanced it even further, specifically for the benefit of KFC franchisees. The productivity of our stores has never been stronger given the precise optimisation models created by MAPAL and developed with support of innovative digital twin technologies."
Maria Cacciapuoti
General Manager, YUM Iberia
See the Success Story

OaaS - Optimisation as a service

Power your legacy systems with proven productivity optimisation. Migration of legacy systems can be very costly in terms of money and change management. MAPAL has been developing and perfecting the best shift optimisation algorithms in the restaurant industry for more than eight years. MAPAL OS now opens its optimisation engine to third-party systems that want to expand their functionalities with low risk and no CAPEX.


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