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Paula Teran

Operational Researcher

Paula Terán

Tell us a little about your background in hospitality? 

When I was little, my dad used to have a restaurant. He was a chef, so I grew up hanging out in the kitchen until I was 10 when he sold the business. When I studied in London, I worked for a year as a barista in a coffee bar. I’m happy that this experience helps me in my work today as well as I have an understanding of how a restaurant operates.  


What attracted you to working at Mapal Group? 

I have been working for MAPAL now 3 years. I got to know MAPAL during my Master studies when I participated in a project where we developed a model for MAPAL. What first attracted me to MAPAL was that it was a small company, where you felt like you belonged to a family. I still feel like this even when the company has grown a lot, as the data team is relatively small.  


What is your favourite thing about working with hospitality brands? 

Being Spanish, love for hospitality runs in our veins, we are an outgoing nation and love to spend our free time in restaurants and bars, hanging out with friends and family. I enjoy working with hospitality brands because it’s a “real” industry that most of the people understand. I love that feeling I get when I visit some of our client’s venues knowing that thanks to our workforce solution, they can manage their businesses better.  


What areas of your role give you the most job satisfaction? 

Every single day at MAPAL is different. What we do in the data team is what we call “art with maths”. Generally, maths is so abstract, there is only theory and you follow the logic. But when the optimisation  side is added: you create, you draw the formulas to reflect the idea. Every time you transform and idea to a formula, you never do the same thing. It’s creative and creating all the time. Every day is a challenge.  


What’s your favourite dish when eating out? 

Spanish tapas, Thai food, seafood at my hometown. 


What’s your favourite beverage when going out? 

Beer or wine.