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Kiril Gurin

Customer Success Manager

Kiril Gurin

Tell me a little bit about yourself 

I’m originally from Lithuania, and after I graduated high school it was my dream to study mechanical engineering. I needed to save for university, so I worked in hospitality for a year after getting an offer from Heriot Watt. After a year of working in the industry however I realised I wouldn’t be happy in engineering so switched my degree to hospitality Management. During my time there I started working at the Balmoral Hotel, on breakfast shifts. That was hard – brutal even. 4am wake ups, 6am starts – but then after a while I moved to the bar and I absolutely loved it. When people are coming to a lovely cocktail bar you get to meet such a variety of people. And the balmoral being the Balmoral you get to meet some very exciting people. I then moved to a scotch whiskey bar and was a whiskey ambassador where the whole point of the bar is to talk to people about Whiskey. There was a lot of one to one, particularly when doing tastings and I loved just sitting down with guests and talking whiskey for an hour. We also had all sorts of celebrities come in, from Ewan McGregor to prince albert of Monaco, Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham! 

When I graduated from uni I started working for Expedia helping to manage hotel relationships in Edinburgh and started to learn about revenue management and signing up hotels to Expedia. It was great as I had a chance to travel across Scotland from the highlands to the Borders. I loved going out and meeting people and building those relationships. I also worked briefly for a hospitality recruitment app before moving to Flow.  


What attracted you to Flow? 

I met a lot of hospitality operators in my previous jobs and they would often talk about Flow and how it had helped them change their training structures. They had very positive feedback, so I followed Flow on LinkedIn, and when the account manager position came up I knew I wanted to get involved! 

I love the relationship piece that comes with working in customer success at flow. People actually want to hear from you, they want your advice, I was blown away how warm people are and how engaged the customers are and how much they pioneer that mindset across the organisation.  


What L&D trends are you most excited about?

For me there has been a significant switch from operators to e-learning as they realise they wont be able to do as much in the way of face to face training and also the capabilities of online learning have grown exponentially.  

My clients have started investing more, not just resources but time. They are acutely aware that internal comms are just as important as external comms and are taking time to make sure that their learning experience reflects their brand values as much as their social media accounts do.  

I’m also really excited about our new content with flow – the new modules are so much more engaging and varied than the more traditional module format with lots of different learning styles available. It’s not just giving information to trainees on a platter but getting their input on that learning and introducing scenario-based games to really get them thinking about the answers they’re giving, rather than just consuming that content passively. 


Any customer projects you get excited about? 

I personally enjoy working with customers that are not afraid to think differently and take their learning off the beaten path. Things that we as a company might not have thought about, but are able to accommodate, I love this cause its more of a challenge. It makes me a better account manager and enables me to recommend new and exciting ways of delivering learning to other clients. I also love working with people that are L&D through and through, people that are passionate about learning and want to create content that their employees will love instead of just a tick box exercise.