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Business Development Executive

Anta Annie Kamara

Tell us a little about your background?

I’ve worked in new technology sales since the beginning of my career. My first job was at a company producing devices to help people sleep. I then moved to an augmented reality company in the energy sector, for a tool that helped employees perform their tasks. I love working with technology because it’s quite complex, interesting and I love the challenge.

I became interested in the hospitality sector after talking with a friend, so I started researching for a product that might be a good fit for me. That’s when I spotted a job vacancy in Easilys f&b.

Tell us about your role in Easilys f&b

I work in business development in the public sector, with municipal, regional and departmental councils. My job is to help people in the public sector and show them how the MAPAL OS suite can improve their daily tasks, improve organisation and efficiency.

Has the gender balance in the technology sector improved over time?

I was once involved in some research for a highly technical product, and it revealed that only three out the twenty people who found it interesting were women. That was also because most of the employees in that particular workplace were mostly men.

What do you enjoy the most about helping people make the right choices?

It’s so rewarding to help people improve their daily lives. Many people are still using Excel, and it makes things so complicated. I really feel for them! I put myself in their shoes and show them how these tools can solve their problems and make a real difference. I can see more and more women entering the sector now and I love to see that. It’s proof that women can be just as interested in technical fields as men are, and that there is a place for women in those traditionally male-dominated sectors.

What excites you the most about the future of digital hospitality technology?

Technology will continue to help improve workflows, save people time and help them become more efficient. It’s vital to invest in technology to stay ahead of the competition.