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Product Analyst / Owner

Product Analyst / Owner

To help us continue to enhance our product, we are in search of a product owner or product analyst. As an ideal candidate, you will have a keen eye for gaps in product offerings and an innovative mindset on how to fill them. We are looking for a highly skilled individual with a proven ability to strategize the full lifecycle of product production — from conception through release.

  • • Support the execution of all product lifecycle processes for products, including product research, market research, competitive analysis, planning, positioning, roadmap development, requirements development, and product launch
  • • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for prototype construction and final product development by engineering teams
  • • Create product strategy documents that describe business cases, high-level use cases, technical requirements, revenue, and ROI
  • • Work closely with engineering, production, marketing, and sales teams on the development, QA, and release of products and balance of resources to ensure success for the entire organization
  • • Analyse market data to develop sales strategies, and define product objectives for effective marketing communications plans
  • • Evaluate new product ideas and strategize appropriate to-market plans
  • • Product knowledge
  • • Analytical mindset for overseeing all elements of the product development lifecycle
  • • Previous experience with customers and product strategies
  • • A focus on collaboration, teamwork, and communication
  • • Proactive attitude to be trained in the role.
Core Competences

In Mapal Group we based our daily performance in several behaviours that guarantees the successful integration and career development of the whole company. We search in every candidate the following competences: 

Is about putting our customers at the centre of what we do, and consistently delivering an industry-leading service. We work tirelessly to understand the needs of our customers today, and into the future, to help us build sustainable long-term relationships. 

Is about working cooperatively with colleagues, customers and third parties to build strong and effective working relationships. Our relationships are founded on support, trust, respect, and a common purpose. In team settings, we recognise each other’s strengths and support each other. 

Is about challenging the conventional way of doing things; generating new, innovative ideas and solutions, to help us continually improve. We keep up to date with technologies, the market, and trends to ensure we continue to evolve. 

Focuses on the development of world-leading expertise, knowledge and skills through continued development, training and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. 

Focuses on the way in which we achieve our goals and drive our business. We take ownership of the results that we set out to achieve and formulate robust plans to help us achieve our goals. We review our performance regularly to ensure that we can deliver results for our customers, and our business. 

Is about the way in which we communicate with others. We communicate clearly, concisely and with impact to achieve the desired result. 

Is about analysing problems, opportunities, and information in a logical, structured way to identify and implement practical, creative solutions. 

Leading and motivating others is about how we work towards a common goal. We acknowledge, that you do not need to be a people manager to be a leader or motivator of others. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please write us to the following email: